José Luis Antón Partner

José Luis Antón is Mining Engineer from Madrid Polytechnic University and a MBA from Instituto de Empresa and European Financial Advisor (EFA). He started his professional career in 1986 with Schlumberger in off-shore fields in Africa. En 1992 he joined REL as Project Manager, a Consulting Firm specialised in working capital optimisation, leading international projects for big consumer goods companies (FMCG). In 1998 he took over as Chief Executive Officer the managing of the Dalkia Group (Veolia Environnement Group) in Spain, developing from scratch the important Energy Results Contracts market that are currently commercialized by the Energy Savings Companies. After one year in Paris as Assistant to the Dalkia’s Strategic worldwide Director, he came back to Spain as Executive Chairman of Bureau Veritas in Iberia, managing it for 5 years, joining in 2012 our firm as Managing Partner. Experienced in change management, integrations and disinvestments in the companies he managed, José Luis Antón has a good knowledge of the FMCG, Industrial, Energy, Professional Services and the Financial sectors. José Luis speaks Spanish, English and French.