Board Advisory

Consulting Corporate Leaders

The corporate leadership task rests with the chairman and chief executive, whether the roles be combined or separated.

Corporate leadership is unique in two ways:

  1. The requirement to integrate and unify vision and goals with the processes, roles and resources to deliver.

  2. The absence of organizational superiors to whom to turn for guidance. The place at the top of the pyramid can be both exposed and isolated.

Successful organizations depend on the qualities and behaviour of their leadership. The proportion of staff in leadership roles is higher than ever before and leaders in their turn require to be led. They need a sense of direction and purpose, goals and focus, organisational boundaries, templates of preferred behaviour and standards. It is the task of corporate leaders to meet these needs; to set strategic vision, conceive: an organisational framework, exemplify style and articulate values. The task is to ensure that the board and the top team have the qualities, competencies, authority and motivation to make it happen.

We enhance understanding and insight, enabling the strategic, organisation and people issues to be addressed effectively by the leadership of a company

Few consultants have the breath of experience to work with corporate leaders across the spectrum of these issues and their interrelationship. Our unique strength is derived from the many years during which our senior partners have assisted corporate leaders or have been corporate leaders themselves.

In our work with chairmen and chief executives we:

  • Facilitate the process through which corporate vision is given shape and substance by the board and executive committee. The result is unity, commitment and coherence of strategy, values and organization.

  • Develop the organisation concept, the roles of the board and the executive committee, of the corporate centre and its staff, their processes and relationships

  • Guide the chairman and chief executive in their respective roles and relationship and how, in personal qualities, process and style, each can best complement the other in providing corporate leadership

These issues are often inseparable from that of the composition of the board itself and. sometimes, to that of succession to the role of chairman or chief executive.