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Axel Dietz Partner

Seniority:   27 years
Previous Positions:   CEO...
Affiliations:   Coty, Procter & Gamble, Müller, JT
Languages:   German, English, French, Spanish, Italian



Axel helps you to find efficient solutions for your business problems in the marketing & sales area. With many years of top-management experience in consumer goods he can help you in your projects from strategic consultancy to the temporary take-over of a operational job, or investments in an early stage of your business. He also invests in start-ups and helps them in their initial phase as Senior Advisor.

Major Achievements:

Due diligence and integration of FINDUS Italy (frozen food division of Unilever) in the acquisition process by Permira


Company restructuring including closing of two factories in Germany and shift to Hungary and ChinaSales growth of 22 % in a stagnating market in first half of 2008Acquisition and integration of two other model railroad manufacturersIntroduction of best practice sales and new retail strategy

Molkerei Alois Müller:

EBIT growth of 20 % above plan for 2006 after 3 years of decline
(at the same time single-digit net sales growth)Restructuring of German and UK sales strategy from quantity to quality and marginRepositioning of all A-brands in Germany and definition of new communication strategy incl. implementation of new advertising campaignPersonally managed UK & German organizations as both GM positions were vacant (hired new UK MD, who successfully completed the UK restructuring program)Initiation of innovation process and NPDFocus on cost management and quality improvement resulting in better profit marginsRestructuring of own logistics company


Overachieved ambitious growth objectives in both yearsIntroduced worldwide “best practice sales” for company’s direct sales forceFastest growth of all competitors in the US with several highly successful new launchesHighly successful integration of newly acquired brands in USIntroduction of new worldwide retail POS system for cosmetics


Complete restructuring of company from functional to divisionalBuild-up of new retail division from scratchAchieved turnaround in 2001 with high double-digit EBIT growth in the following years (coupled with continuous topline growth)Start of business in the USHighly successful implementation of a worldwide Best Practice Sales department (introducing ECR, category management, etc.)Relaunch of all existing A-product lines and introduction of new care-line aShare price more than tripled in 3 years before acquisition
(final acquisition by P&G at 4,5 times share price) 


Past Positions:

2007 - 2008

Märklin     (No.1 model railroad manufacturer in the world)
€135 Mio. • 1.300 empl. • Göppingen, Germany

2005 - 2006

Molkerei Alois Müller     (No.1 dairy company in Germany & UK, No.2 in Italy)
€2.600 Mio. • >10.000 empl. • Aretsried, Germany

2003 - 2005

Senior Vice President Commercial
Coty     (Global Cosmetics Company)
€1.000 Mio. • >4.000 empl. • Paris, France

1999 - 2003

President Consumer Products
WELLA     (No.2 haircare company worldwide)
€3.200 Mio. • >15.000 empl. • Schwalbach, Germany


Other Companies:

Tchibo, JT International, Philip Morris