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Basil Ahmad Partner

Basil combines more than 20 years of experience in strategic and operational HR, organizational development and effectiveness, transformation and change, diversity and inclusion and general management. Working with large distinguished multinationals across four continents, he worked his way up from advisor level to today, establishing his own consulting firm.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Concordia University in Montreal he started his working life with over 5 years experience directly in that field after which, he joined the corporate world commencing his career in HR writing policies, advising and business partnering across all areas of the HR spectrum and, in the process, backing it with the equivalent of an MSc in HR Management from University of Hull, UK. Distinguishing himself as a leader in the field and with his achievements, he advanced to managing, directing and setting up HR departments and teams. Within these roles, he had gained extensive experience with change initiatives and transformation programs from medium local to very large global levels. This inspired him to later specialize in organization development and effectiveness, taking on leadership roles in the field, leading, designing and managing transformational and improvement programs as well as start-up organizations, joint ventures and projects and coaching senior and C-level executives and leaders towards achieving operational excellence, delivery of best-in-class results and development of highly capable, effective and high performing organizations.

Basil’s approach is one of a holistic nature that views organizations, teams and individuals as the sum of all building blocks and factors that define success. He believes real and continuous improvement results are achieved by examining, understanding and improving on all aspects harmoniously, not in isolation. The use of various approaches and the ability to adjust and tailor to the specific needs of clients is a key strength.

Basil believes that having the right leaders in the right positions with the right mind-set and cultural fit is fundamental to success. He has helped organizations identify these key roles, define the requirements, then select, place and onboard the highest caliber talented people in them.

Basil has been known for achieving results and inspiring organizations, teams and individuals to perform at their best. His ability to build long-lasting trust-based relationships is what makes him a distinguished thought leader and coach.

Basil worked in various locations across the globe whilst working for BAESYSTEMS, British American Tobacco, Royal Dutch Shell and Ward Howell, including Canada, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Egypt, with responsibilities spanning across Europe, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

Sectors worked in or with include: Energy, Oil & Gas, FMCG Sales and Marketing, HR Services and Consultancy, Aerospace and Defense, Health, Government, and Retail business.

With a diverse cultural background and speaking 4 languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish, Basil possesses a broad global mindset with an open-minded and inclusive approach.