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Fritz Hoering Partner

Seniority:   28 years
Previous Positions:   CEO, COO...
Affiliations:   AMX, AT&T Lucent, Accenture, Avaya
Languages:   German, English, French


Create growth and value with minimal support and prudent investments.Build subsidiaries and alliances globally - even from scratch Establish new businesses and manage first international sales revenues above market average. A leader with sophisticated intercultural, business and social skills. Build international high-performance teams and adapt to local business practices. Valued for mergers and acquisitions expertise as CEO, Board member and Adviser. Major career experience in Germany, USA, Switzerland, Ukraine and other countries


CEO and Managing Director at subsidiaries of international corporations (AT&T, Deutsche Post and Ascom (Switzerland)), Director at Accenture, earlier sales manager at Siemens. Management span: 900 employees, 100 direct reports, highest budget responsibility: € 105 Mio.

Interim Manager Focus:

Business Development as Interim General Manager Central & Eastern Europe at AMX, Interim Business Development Manager at EnOcean and COO & CFO at Bob’s World AG with focus on BRIC+ markets; the interim executive focus is on sales, business expansion, Due Diligence& SWOT, Merges, Post Merger Integration and as project executive on special situations such as spin-offs, change in form, company consolidation, IT migrations and workflow development.

Company Focus:

(strong) growing companies, portfolio firms (PE and VC), modern medium-sized enterprises, corporations and their subsidiaries as well as service providers.

Past Positions:

2012 - 2013 

BOB’s World AG  
€10 Mio. • <100 empl. • Vienna, Austria & Kiew, Ukraine

2007 - 2009

GM Central & Eastern Europe
€300+ Mio. • >600 empl. • Wendlingen, Germany

2004 – 2006

President & CEO
my-con AG
€5+ Mio. • >30 empl. • Stuttgart, Germany

2001 – 2003

Deutsche Post Signtrust GmbH
€60+ Mio. • >120 empl. •  Bonn, Germany

1999 – 2000

Ascom IT Security
€15+ Mio. • >120 empl. •  Zurich, Switzerland

1996 – 1999

Director Business Development
Andersen Consulting AG 
€385 Mio. • >4.000 empl. • Zurich, Switzerland


Other Companies:

Accenture, AT&T, Avaya, Lucent, TDK,
Siemens Enterprise Communications

German, English, French