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Werner Laber Partner

Seniority:   27 years
Previous Positions:   Consultant, CEO, Managing Partner...
Affiliations:   ECOS Management, ECOS Venture Capital, Laber, Pozzi & Partner
Languages:   German, English



Werner Laber has over 20 years´ experience in corporate finance, particularly in special situations and turnaround management in Western and Eastern Europe. He was the co-founder of several successful high-tech start-ups as well as of an Austrian Venture Capital company. He has also been Managing Director, executive board and supervisory board member of several companies.

Since October 2013 he is a Partner of Ward Howell International in Vienna where he provides Leadership Consulting, focusing on solutions to challenging entrepreneurial crises.„ more“

Werner Laber is specialized in efficient and viable solutions for companies facing exceptional situations. In a crisis, adequate risk-optimized financing, a management that can convert plans into deeds and the target-orientation of all entrepreneurial resources are decisive criteria for the sustainable evolution of a company. Werner’s many years´ experience as a manager, entrepreneur and advisor allow him to provide a rapid and target-oriented analysis of problematic situations, to implement solutions efficiently and to exploit in-house and contracted resources optimally.

These services are based on:

Many years of experience in corporate finance, in particular in special situations as well as private equity and venture capital managementCorporate restructuring management in various industries with or without insolvency procedures (trading, automotive, civil construction, mechanical engineering, technology, etc.)M&A in distressed situationsFamily governance and succession managementCross border activities in business development in CEE/SEE and mediterranian rimAn entrepreneurial approach to solutions

Werner Laber studied Business and Trade at the Vienna University of Economics.