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  • Founded in 1951 by the former head of McKinsey´s Executive Search Practice, Henry Wardwell Howell in New York City as one of the first firms of its kind

  • First international office established in London, 1968

  • Rebranded as Signium International in 1998

  • Relaunched again as Ward Howell, as one of the first Strategic Leadership Consulting firms in 2012

What We Do

Ward Howell International aspires to be the most reputable global leadership consulting firm, recognized as preeminent in developing partnerships with our clients that consistently exceed their expectations. Our distinctiveness derives from the quality of our people who share values of entrepreneurship, in depth local expertise, and international collaboration and perspective.
Our firm´s heritage derives from more than 60 years of working closely with the leadership of our clients. We have conducted numerous searches, assessments and evaluations of C-level executives on behalf of our clients and learned about the requirements of different industries.
For years it has been standard procedure to look for new talent, when a problem started to hurt the organization and a search has been a natural “product” offered by our industry. Like in all sectors of the society today the corporate world has become more complex over time and a “one size fits all” approach is no longer feasible if it comes to leadership issues of a company.

We define leadership consulting as an extension of management consulting.

While management consulting is focused on methodology and processes our approach is focused on people and their respective experiences. It is not sufficient to know the nature of a problem – the analysis is only the base. The way to solve the problem is not the solution. It is the “who” which makes the crucial difference.

Our Strengths


  • People make the difference. It is the experience and the competence of our team which enables us to help our clients

  • We are committed to our clients only - client first -- and deliver what we promise

  • Our organization follows clients' needs and not our structures

  • We are used to client relationship management and “one face to the customer”

  • Our success is driven by original research for every assignment conducted in-house

Our Global Set-up


  • We regard ourselves as a global boutique

  • Utilizing distributed expertise is a key to success

  • Regional account structure and regional research centers

  • We offer global reach without the constraints of global conformity