Senior Manager/People, Culture & Organization Advisory

About Marita Haas

Marita Haas is a renowned expert on People, Culture and Organizational Change. She also is an innovator who rethinks processes and builds new grounds for change. Marita is pragmatic in her solutions, direct in her communication and doesn't hesitate to ask uncomfortable questions in order to open up new perspectives for her clients. Above all Marita's principles in life and work are respectfulness and allowing everyone's voice to be heard. While running her own management consulting company, she successfully advised national and international corporations in a wide range of industries in complex transformation processes.

Marita holds a Master's Degree in International Business Administration and a PhD in Social and Economic Sciences – both from the University of Vienna. Marita lectured at Austrian and European Universities for more than 20 years and is a valued speaker at scientific conferences and corporate events. Her professional work draws from her extensive scientific knowledge in Organizational Theory with a focus on Gender, Diversity, and Human Resource Management.

As a Senior Manager and Co-Lead for the People, Culture, and Organization Advisory at Ward Howell International, Marita makes use of her professional expertise and scientific background to help clients build fair and inclusive workplaces. Her analytical view and open communication style make her the perfect Sparring Partner for Top Management and Executives.

She is a German native speaker and proficient in English.


  • Financial Services
  • Media
  • Public Sector & Education
  • Technology, IT & Telco


  • Board Advisory
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Coaching
  • Management Consulting
  • Org. Development