About Michael Maeder

Michael is Partner in our Shanghai office. He mainly serves clients with a technology background in Greater China by developing their organizations to become more competitive and by filling senior executive roles for their operations.

Born in China, German by origin and with combined work and study experience in 6 countries spread over 2 continents, Michael is a true global citizen dedicated to cross-cultural understanding. After gaining a solid working record in supply chain development for automotive and machine building companies Michael has co-founded an award winning Specialist Recruitment Practice in China. He engages as Lead Consultant in executive searches since 2008. Apart from working on client projects, Michael is also in charge of training Researchers and Consultants in talent management, profiling, client industry know-how, research process management, interviewing skills, and salary negotiations. You will find Michael constantly concerned about the perfect talent-opportunity fit and the integration of global best practices into our company’s services.

Michael is frequent key note speaker on panels, conferences and seminars on topics around Talent Management in China. For such occasions he is retained by organizations such as the German, European Union and Australian Chamber of Commerce. He has co-authored the reference work "Human Resources in China" (ISBN 978-3-642-18208-2) and published a variety of articles for publications on Human Resources in Greater China.

Michael holds a B.Sc. in International Business from Maastricht University and graduated with a M.Sc. CEMS with distinction in International Management from Rotterdam School of Management.


  • General Industry
  • Automotive


  • Executive Search