About Novella Bora

Novella has been active for more than fifteen years in the Human Resource sector, as an Executive Searcher and Career Counsellor for high management and executive positions.

With an international background, she has lived in Bruxelles, Madrid and Sao Paulo. Novella started her career at Fila Sport Europe in 2000 and jumped into headhunting in 2004 when she moved to Bruxelles, where she joined the Executive Search branch of a leading management consulting group. In 2009, she moved to Madrid, as a Senior Associate of a Boutique Executive Search company, where she conducted numerous search assignments for upper & senior management for both Spanish, Italian and International clients. Member of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Madrid, she collaborated with italian and french institutions: ICE, Italian Embassy, Italian Chamber of Commerce, to define recruiting and HR training needs in Spain. She then moved in house, working for Ferrero Iberica, where she was responsible for the recruitment process as Talent Acquisition Partner for Portugal and Spain.

Over the last five years, prior to joining Ward Howell, Novella developed her own business, NB Consulting, specializing in Multiconutry Executive Search for international clients and as Executive Tailor Made career counselling for high level managers who were looking for new opportunities in Europe.

Novella, is people oriented, determined, pragmatic, empathetic and a team player, and supports companies to create Inclusion & Diversity and Gender equality.

She has a degree in Business Administration, at the University of Turin and a degree in Political Sciences at the University of Turin. Novella is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Business Partner Associate with Blue Circle Capital (2020), disruptive and innovative Private Equity, in Switzerland. Active Volunteer for Welfare Associations for Animal & Children Adoptions in Italy.


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  • Executive Search
  • Internationalization
  • Management Consulting
  • Private Equity