About Sonia Prais

Sonia Prais has a background of more than 20 years in executive search. With a focus in retail, beauty and lifestyle, Sonia works domestically in the US and extensively across Europe, India and Asia. She has specific expertise in relocating candidates globally for her clients, often to challenging geographical markets.

Over the last two decades, Sonia has worked with; start-up’s, major corporations, successful growth businesses, pure-play ecommerce, and has introduced and driven growth for overseas brands into the US market. Prior to joining Ward Howell, Ms. Prais served as President at Claridge Search & Consulting, building it to a global scale and working with a diverse group of retailers, department stores, and luxury and mass brands. She works holistically with her clients across several functions and levels within their business, consulting them on internal organizational structure, succession planning, and global relocation of ‘best in class’ talent. Sonia was born in the United Kingdom, and has lived in the United States for the past twenty years, now residing in Southern California.


  • Consumer & Retail


  • Executive Search