Diverse and inclusive teams as well as trust and empowerment-based leadership through openly displayed values and actions have become the key differentiator and accelerator for business to reap maximum benefit and return on the employee investment. Companies can establish a sustainable competitive advantage by eliminating unconscious bias in the workplace and striving for best-in-class workplaces through proactively supporting a diverse and inclusion open company culture.

Diversity has various dimensions and embraces varieties and differences in a group of people and in the characteristics between individuals. Firmly anchoring Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the core values and strategies of an organization is challenging, but also rewarding as a long-term approach to position an organization successfully on the market.

We are committed to integrate the values of Diversity & Inclusion into an organization through the right selection of leaders, but also by raising awareness of the current status quo and developing action plans and strategies for D&I success.


Our advisory process is based on scientific proven diagnostic tools which help us to

People make the difference. It is the experience and the competence of our team which enables us to help our clients and deliver what we promise.
conduct a comprehensive status quo assessment
identify challenges, problems, and weaknesses with Diversity & Inclusion and
develop a thorough action plan and strategy

A comprehensive strategic D&I approach is a key factor for companies to gain access to a wider talent pool, to enhance employee retention and foster employee development and talent investment.


Oyvind Bo


Stephanie Playford

Head of Diversity & Inclusion Advisory