Aim for a future-oriented People Culture
Ward Howell International has been one of the world’s leading partners in global leadership consulting for more than 70 years. We know that the future of successful as well as sustainable businesses depends on a company's ability to adapt to organizational change. ESG performance has recently become an important yardstick for investment decisions and supplier choices, so that value creation will be closely tied to fairness and inclusion.

The People, Culture and Organization Advisory at Ward Howell International understands the visionary and strategic needs of its clients and guides them along their transformation journey. The Advisory staff is committed to integrating the values of diversity & inclusion into all advisory projects and to helping clients create a more inclusive people culture and establishing a high general level of trust and a wage structure without gender gap.
The new work culture is defined by collaboration and equality. We strongly believe that advancing equality and inclusion in workplaces make employees feel more valued and more secure. As a sparring partner for our clients, we help them create strategic frameworks that allow them to develop open and innovative people cultures via the hiring and growth of top talents.
The workforce has become more committed, but also more educated so that diversity and gender balance are demanded by the younger talents on the market. We help our clients focus on corporate growth and build a fair and healthy environment at the same time. The improvement and implementation of the latest leadership methods within the new way of work are the first steps on the path to a future-oriented people culture.


Oyvind Bo


Marita Haas

Senior Manager

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Senior Manager