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Automotive The automotive industry is known for dynamic change

The automotive industry is known for dynamic change, swift response times and technical innovation. The European automotive market faces the challenge of compensating for dwindling sales figures in Europe by expanding  exports to the United States and China. The Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) projects that in Germany the number of newly registered cars will drop to approximately 3 million vehicles in 2013. But the VDA forecasts for the German automotive industry an overall growth of approximately 1% due to growth in exports. In addition, worldwide sales should increase from the current 68 million to approximately 70 million vehicles in 2013, according to the forecast. Aside from globalization, current issues include the formation of international, strategic alliances and an improvement in cost management. Therefore, in the coming years, those companies will grow which can manage to expand their presence in the growth markets of Asia (particularly in China) and in the United States and which are able to form at the same time global partnerships and advance the development of new technologies. Experts forecast that in 2013 sales figures in the United States will increase by 5% to 15 million vehicles and in China by 6% to 14 million units. The German automotive manufacturers profited most in 2012 in the premium segment, which recovered more strongly than expected, particularly due to a strong demand from China, Brazil, and the United States.

The most important topics in the future are:

1. Globalization

Expansion of global partnerships and presence in growing markets as well as an increase in export figures. In addition to knowledge transfer, sending and hiring of capable executives will be key.

2. New technologies

Development of new technologies in the field of alternative drive technologies, advancement of the e-drive, improvement of efficiency of motors and reduction of emissions will be the topics in this field. In addition, technology transfer and the cooperation with individual producers worldwide gain steadily in importance.

3. Growth market China

China's role is becoming increasingly significant in the automotive industry. This market was the worldwide front-runner with vehicle sales growth of approximately 50% between 1990 and 2010. In the coming years, China will become not only the largest producer of vehicles but also the largest purchaser worldwide.


In addition, for a successful future-oriented strategy, the selection of the proper specialists and managers, who contribute significantly to this success, will be decisive. We focus on the specific, dynamic requirements of the increasingly interconnected automotive industry within a global context. The team in our automotive practice has a long-term experience in this sector and has access to a comprehensive network of contacts and resources. According to the key account principle, we offer you holistic support in the search for candidates who have the necessary methodological and social competence in addition to professional expertise. Of course, our consulting services are available across all functional areas in the company. In the selection process, we support both mid-sized companies and large international corporations, and both private and publicly listed enterprises.

We are available for a cooperative partnership and individual consulting service in the search for managers in the top three managerial levels, as well as for selected specialists. We focus on the following sectors:

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