Diversity and Inclusion

Our world is diverse - just like the people who live in it. Celebrating and leveraging this diversity requires recognizing the unique capabilities of an inclusive group. Through the different perspectives of each person, we create a new, unique approach to our clients as well as an innovative way to solve problems. Moreover, improving employee relations with diversity & inclusion to the point of establishing new behaviors and values in the company is becoming increasingly important. The digital disruption and the new way of work challenges leaders and organizations to transform and future proof their organization.

The entire Ward Howell International group actively promotes a liberal work environment, and we foster diversity as well as open expression of ideas. We welcome all talent, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. We believe that diversity only makes us stronger and better if we share our experiences, viewpoints, and ideas. Our goal is to build an inclusive culture where every talent can contribute and thrive. We understand that the process involves a culture change in the company and is an ever-evolving journey. That's why our services are very much focused on involving the entire organization from the bottom up, not just the top down.

Advantages of a D&I Implementation into the Employer Brand:


Employer attractiveness

Employer attractiveness increases up to 80% for applicants


Cost per hire

Companies that invest in D&I experience a 50% cost-per-hire reduction


Faster vacancy filling

Companies that invest in employer branding are up to 2x faster filling vacancies


revenue growth

Talent Retention & Lower Employee Turnover by over 30%

Through our D&I management activities we expect to:

Change the communication/ conversation (external and internal) effectiveness
The inability to have meaningful communications/ conversations contributes significantly to the unproductive relationships that can sometimes develop or reinforce diversity divides.

Boost coaching, mentoring, and sponsoring
Organizations can counter subtle bias by implementing a coaching culture and developing coaching skills of their employees, and by creating a network of D&I champions to enable the development, contributions, and career growth of all employees.

Analyze employee practices
Talent processes reflect and create norms and can be levers for systemwide change for all employees.