Managing Partner

About Dr. Hans Juergen Etterich

Dr. Hans Juergen Etterich is Managing Partner of Ward Howell International.

Juergen's career development started in industry where he spent 20 years before entering the consulting business.

His last position in industry before joining the consulting business was Managing Director of Mauser Works, a packaging company. He came from Continental Group, where he held the position of Manager Business Development Germany. At Dow Corning, the previous company, he was Planning Manager Europe.

Before, he worked for Reichhold Chemical, where he was Assistant to the Board after he had finished his studies of Business Administration. His first professional job after having completed his educational phase was R&D Engineer, at the Institute of Applied Physics, University of Kiel. Juergen also completed an apprenticeship as a die maker at Zeiss Ikon before starting his above industry career steps.

In 1980, after twenty years in industry, Juergen moved into the Executive Search Industry, joining Carre Orban & Partner as a Managing Partner for Germany. He left in 1984 joining Ward Howell International Germany as Managing Partner. Here he is handling top executive search assignments, mainly for clients with an international scope. An additional expanding consulting activity for him is Management Audit and related areas.

From 1988 to 1990, Juergen was Member of the Ward Howell Board, assisting the Board in extending Ward Howell Europe by identifying suitable consulting firms and partners for joining Ward Howell.

Juergen has published several articles on the subject of Management Appraisals.


Juergen graduated with an engineering diploma. After working as a R& D Engineer, he added a diploma in Business Administration. He also joined the Harvard Business School PMD program in Boston in 1968. He received his Ph.D. for his work in the sector of Economics of Using Company Airplanes.


  • General Industry


  • Executive Search