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Ward Howell International’s Luxury practice is the leading global partner of prestigious luxury brands. Executive talent remains the most enduring source of competitive advantage and to entice and retain customers, leaders must innovate and influence consistent brand experiences. Our highly experienced consultants located across Asia Pacific (particularly Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore), Europe and US are constantly working with clients to achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of talented professionals with outstanding track records.

Our Luxury Executive Search consultants have deep relationships and connections in the sector which form the basis of our ability to find the most in demand and hard to find talent for clients globally. This is supported by an extensive worldwide research capability to ensure we remain fully up to date with appropriate talent across companies.


Tailored Talent Solutions

Ward Howell's Luxury Practice provides a full suite of talent solutions designed for each client to enhance and strengthen their brands’ needs in identifying, attracting, developing, empowering and retaining, all of which are critical in meeting the growing expectations of tomorrow’s customers. The depth and length of our experience and market knowledge and our extensive professional networks, as well as assessment-driven recruitment process ensures the highest level of success for our clients.

Our ultimate measure of success is not just the effective completion of a search assignment, but the long-term contribution that our candidates make in our clients’ businesses. We have deep insight into what it takes to build, maintain and grow exclusive brands developed through many years of successful work with our luxury clients and focus on getting the right “fit” between client and candidate.


Our Experience Sectors

Fashion and Accessories
Lifestyle (including Fine Wine/Champagne & Sprits, Automotive,
               Yachts, Private Jets, Sports-Golf, Hospitality, Fine Food)
Watch and Jewelry


And Functions

  • C-Suite Executives/ General Managers/ Managing Directors
  • Regional Directors and Area Managers
  • Finance & HR
  • Retail /Whole Operations/Sales & Commercial/Buying & Merchandising
  • e-Commerce
  • Marketing (CRM & Digital) & Communication/Strategy
  • Product & Category Management /Product Development & Technical (Watchmaker)
  • Supply Chain & Production